In a world where sacrifice must be made to survive.

Juliette walks out from the Citadel on the night of Black Sun, to be Renewal Sacrifice for the Grasses of the never-ending plains of Hazma-Din. For her survival depends on the Grasses, just as the Grasses depend upon their yearly human sacrifice.

A rich, haunting sci-fi romance about the interdependence of all life, the mystery of ancient beings, and the fleeting preciousness of time.


A wonderfully layered novel.

“A wonderfully layered novel with spectacular world-building; a complex plot with layers of intrigue and compelling, damaged characters.”

— JC Kang, Dragon Songs Saga Bestselling Author

An amazing masterpiece.

“An amazing masterpiece of dark and gritty storytelling. Imaginative and downright compelling, Jean Lowe Carlson is a master storyteller. A rightful comparison to G.R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie, and Patrick Rothfuss of The Kingkiller Chronicles fame.”

— Alina Hart, Amazon Reviewer

Richly set and beautifully told.

"Richly set and beautifully told, Carlson paints a story filled with love and tragedy. She captures tortured emotions perfectly and leaves you wanting more."

— Chris Patchell, author of In the Dark