In a world where sacrifice must be made.

Juliette walks out from the Citadel on the night of Black Sun, to be Renewal Sacrifice for the Grasses of the never-ending plains of Hazma-Din. For her survival depends on the Grasses, just as the Grasses depend upon their yearly human sacrifice.

A rich, haunting sci-fi romance about the interdependence of all life, the mystery of ancient beings, and the fleeting preciousness of time.

“On a world with three suns, people live in symbiosis with a living planet. A wonderful atmospheric short story narrated as if in a dream, strange and quite compelling. A story you will find yourself pondering long after you finished it.” – Manie Kilian, Amazon Review

“A short story full of eroticism and the knowledge that life is made up of moments, no past or future. A fantastical mating of human and nature, bringing about a rapture and an awakening to the reality of life! Love Jean's writing - strikes a chord in me every time.” – Lana Turner, Amazon Review