SIXGUN (Devil's Angel Book 1) – Coming in 2019!

Death follows blood as the Sixgun and Scythe reap their revenge.

A fast-paced dark fantasy western with wit and bite, Devil's Angel follows a gunslinging hard-luck prostitute and the vicious fallen General of a race of warlike angels as they wreck twin paths of revenge. Together, they'll shoot their way through hard luck to take vengeance on their enemies – no matter the trail of bodies in their wake!

Aluest the Calm, Scythe and High General of the warlike Velasi, has been shorn of his power and cast out from his home. Languishing in a desolate world, he takes refuge in the brothel of Elsennia Mae Argentine, wanted woman and gunslinger extraordinaire. Bringing more trouble to Mae’s porch boards than she ever hoped to see again, the viper with dust-pale eyes and the madam of silver sixguns must join forces. As warlords and bounty-hunters track them down, an unexpected history will bind them together in a brutal, unforgiving showdown.

“A wonderfully layered novel with spectacular world-building; a complex plot with layers of intrigue and compelling, damaged characters.” — JC Kang, USA Today Bestselling Author