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Readers tell me that the world of the Kingsmen Chronicles is gripping, and they can’t get enough! Check out the next two books in the epic series today!

Blood has been spilled. War has begun. And the power behind the darkness rises with only traitors to stop it.

Alrou-Mendera reels, usurped by the villainous Khehemni. But Kingsman Elohl has kept the Queen alive, helping her escape. As shadowy opponents rally the nation into a vicious war, Elohl’s sister is spirited away to a desert oasis, learning the truth of the unstoppable ancient magic behind the Khehemni. Now Elohl must become the Queen’s ambassador, racing against time to find aid before a ruthless slaughter begins.

“Like George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss, JL Carlson brought forth emotions in me that books from my youth never could.” — RonC, Amazon Reviewer


Darkness fills the hearts of the brave as bitter enemies unite under a terrifying magic that could destroy them all.

Castellan Lhaurent den’Karthus has betrayed the Khehemni Lothren, annihilating his opposition. Seizing the throne, he wages war to unite the continent under his rule. But an alternate Uniter has been Goldenmarked – Elohl den’Alrahel. To win back the nation, Elohl must escape prison, and lead an army of Kingsmen in the most brutal war the continent has ever seen. 

“Breathtaking 'till the last page, full of twists, political intrigue and traitors galore! Puts me in mind of Brent Weeks and the Dragonlance epic series.” — Lana Turner, Amazon Reviewer