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A throne in jeopardy on the heels of murder. War flamed by a shadowy magical cabal. Nations burn and kings are brought to their knees in this dark and gritty epic fantasy from a #1 bestselling and award-winning author. 

"The second book in the trilogy picks up right where the first left off, and continues to build with more mystery, action, world-reveal, and character development than one could expect in one book. And what a history! Enough to be compared even to Tolkien's Middle Earth. I'm hooked and cannot wait for book 3!" – Thomas, Amazon US

"This author is the new star in the fantasy firmament. She will lay claim to an amazing legacy in the realm of fantasy with this series. The first book in the series was amazing; this one is stupendous. Writing just doesn't get any better than this. Destined for greatness!!" – Mvskoke, Amazon US

"A magnificent conclusion to a brilliant epic, with plots, sub-plots, and numerous characters, the world-building and intricate twisting and unravelling make for an engaging and absolutely riveting read. Sheer brilliance –10 stars! Highly recommended to anyone who wants a book you can read again and again and still get that rare, wonderful thrill." – EK, Amazon US