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What a ride! I have been working like a demon on this book – every day, most nights, and through meals, so I can bring you the best Kingsmen Chronicles novel EVER!

Seriously, I'm so proud of this one, and I really hope you enjoy it. :)

Favorite characters return, the enemy you love to hate wrecks havoc, and Elohl and company battle back in this heart-pounding conclusion to the first trilogy!

What Readers Are Saying: 

"An awesome sit on the edge of your seat ending to an amazing series! This book is full of all the twists and turns you expect from this award winning author. Descriptions are so realistic you want to hiss (and sometimes I did) at the villains and cheer when the tale twists the good characters way. Totally enthralled with this series. Highly recommend!" – Lady Lightning, Amazon Review

"A fantastic book! heart-pounding and emotionally satisfying. The author has created a unique magic with incredible characters and a thrilling plot. Full of unpredictable twists and turns. You will find in this book everything a fantasy lover enjoys. I highly recommend this book!" – G. Walden, Amazon Review

But wait – there's more!

The Kingsmen Chronicles doesn't end here. The story will continue in a prequel series about Leith Alodwine and the Scions of Khehem, and the entire saga will end with a future trilogy that brings back all the current characters for the truly epic conclusion! 

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Thanks for all your support, and for helping make this series a reality. I couldn't do it without you all – and I look forward to weaving this magic for years to come!

Onward to glory!